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The energy revolution for future generations

The power to change

Many customers know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Tecinnova International conveys the value of everything and knows the best price for that.

The most important about us

The company

TEGINNOVA-- Analyses, researches, plans, develops, produces and distributes high-tech renewable energy products worldwide. The company is part of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and thus contributes internationally to the establishment of a secure and cost-effective energy supply, which is of central importance in climate protection.

Your benefits

  • Energy-efficient renewable energy products

  • 100% Expert knowledge

  • Direct access to production and clients

  • Optimal time management

  • Legal management of selected law firms to secure contracts of all kinds

  • Highly efficient cost management for worldwide clients on the basis of country-specific requirements

  • Technical services of all kinds, all from one source

  • Perfect service teams for all technical areas

  • Energy controlling and full automation for cost reduction and remote control



“A competent and friendly team, a pleasant atmosphere."

Competent, highly qualified teams of specialists support your project from planning to commissioning, including after sales, for all energy systems from wind, solar, waste and biomass.

New developments and innovations

In order to unfold the development and innovation potential of renewable energies worldwide, a training and further education offensive is needed at the interface of technology and perfect management.