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Hybridinverter 3.6K | 5K

Huayu hybrid inverters, a newly developed storage hybrid inverter that can be installed in off-grid and off-grid solar systems. The Huayu hybrid inverter makes your home energy self-sufficient by enabling a programmable and plannable intelligent solar energy storage system that helps to increase self-consumption of solar energy, protect your household appliances from grid bottlenecks, and balance your energy usage strategy to save energy costs.

Hybridinverter 3.6K | 5K

Inverter power
MPPT tracker
  • Higher yields
    Maximum efficiency of 97.6%
    Up to 90A charge / discharge current of the battery

    User friendly
    Local LCD display and buttons, easy to use
    Predictable working modes, easy installation and setting
    Compact design and less weight 20kg

    Safe and reliable
    Integrated PV input lightning protection
    Integrated anti-island protection
    Integrated protection against reverse polarity of the PV string input
    Integrated overcurrent and overvoltage protection at the output
    Integrated short-circuit protection
    Degree of protection IP65 for outdoor and indoor installation

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