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Mikro Inverter 2 in 1

The Huayu "2 in 1" microinverter (1000/800/600 / 500W) is a combination of high performance and cost-effective construction. The 20Vdc start voltage supplies the solar system from early morning to late evening for a longer operating time.

The integrated AC cable and built-in WiFi monitoring make installation much easier and the investment budget lower. With a net weight of only 2.4kG, this is the lightest "2 in 1" micro inverter in the world for 800W.

Mikro Inverter 2 in 1

Micro inverter performance
Micro inverter connection
  • For sure
    With an input voltage of max. 60V DC there is no risk of electric shock for installers and fire on roofs.

    Saving costs
    Integrated AC cable and integrated WiFi monitoring device reduce the hardware costs for PV systems.

    Simple & flexible installation
    The daisy chain AC cable enables "plug & play" installation on roofs, while quad modules can be flexibly attached to existing solar systems.

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